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mak77 wrote:@avada re: windows 10 shutdown prevented:

Hmmm... I'm getting this on beta, but they mention Nightly 2017-06-17 specifically.

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GHM113 wrote:
DN123ABC wrote:Silly question. On one computer, I had a version 56 "Nightly" build running a month ago, before there were some big changes with the way builds were done.
So, what advice might folks have, if I want to help test and enjoy some newer features, without being out on the fringes of new stuff that breaks browsing horribly? Thanks.

I personally use Nightly as my primary browser and Beta aka DevEdition as a backup when Nightly brakes. That doesn't happen often, though. Completely happy with this setup, so many upcoming features this year: OOP WebExtensions, WebRender, 1st-priority input events, Photon, low priority of the content processes that are not running a foreground tab, NoScript 10, etc :-"

This is what I used to do also, but have not since the most recent changes; plus I made the additional jump from 32 bit to 64 bit. I might let this "simmer" for a while, and then start doing that again in another week or two.

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tomatoshadow2 wrote:Is there a reason the Mac build of Nightly isn't out yet?

Maybe because of this:!topic ... ARptCRloos

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Today's Nightly is totally broken for me, using constantly 40-50% of CPU with its main process.

Edit: And as soon as I write this it's gone. Strange.


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@mayankleoboy1 Thanks very much, appreciate it, where'd you find the link?

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