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I'm on Nightly 64-bit on Windows, dated 20170822, and this was automatically updated.
Since getting it updated, retrieving web pages take a long time (as opposed to 1-2 seconds generally).

Does anyone know how I can troubleshoot this on my own, or enable debug logs to be sent to the Mozilla team?
Can anyone help me troubleshoot this?

Thank you.


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Some links for standard procedures like:
- Safe Mode
- Refresh Profile
- troubleshooting and diagnosing
- bug writing guidelines
- mozregresion GUI
- mozregresion GUI - quick start

in tl;dr - download mozregresion GUI, start new bitsecting, regression started 1-2 day/s and it's in today build, next go with flow checking and marking BAD or GOOD given builds,
and when you will given regression range of specific bug which caused the issue, just report it on Bugzilla or post it here, so we can do rest.
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