57 and no search bar is going to cause me to leave.

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Post Posted October 12th, 2017, 9:22 pm

I know this forum isn't Mozilla. I have already submitted this as feedback to Mozilla. I just want to publicly complain...

57 and no search bar is going to cause me to leave. I just had the unfortunate experience of previewing this thanks to the wonderful Search Shield Survey add-on. I couldn't possibly do that for 30 days. I couldn't even do it for 2 days! Doing it forever... yuck!!!

The search bar is a major aspect to my workflow. A) This is most important actually, I am able to configure to always open in a new tab - I do not have to use Alt+Enter to open in a new tab. B) When I close my search results and then need to go back, the last thing I searched for is preserved. C) When I want to tweak my search, the last thing I searched for is already there. D) When I have to search for many different aspects related to a single subject, the last thing I searched for is preserved. E) When I think I might get better results from another search engine, the last thing I searched for is already there. (Hmm, maybe there is a pattern here?)

My understanding is that 57 will let me choose to configure the current old functionality. I don't like that I might have to go mucking into about:config, but it is not a show stopper and I am already changing to true.

I am just worried that a few release down the line, Firefox will only support this omnibar thing. @Mozilla - you should know, if you are going to insist on being the same as the other browsers in the world, I will switch to one of them. I will switch to Chrome.

I will leave out of spite, not because the others are suddenly better, but because Phoenix Firefox is suddenly only as good as the rest.

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we've heard this over an over again. an there is a Search Bar. if you look in Preferences/Options you might find that option to enable it


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In Release 56.0 (64-bit), Beta 57.0b7 (64-bit), and Nightly 58.0a1 (2017-10-12) (64-bit), one can go into Hamburger Menu -> Options -> "Search", and on the Search section there is a "radio button" selection of either one bar ("Use address bar for search and navigation") or two bars ("Add search bar in toolbar").

For the time I was on Chrome there was only one bar, so when I returned to Firefox I was already used to just one bar. But I know there are many people who prefer two bars.

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search bar is futile
when you hack in some text in the address-bar you will get suggestions and on the very below line you can chose the desired search engine - no popup, nothing, but next search is performed with your choice (when you click on the icon) and search term is in the address-bar. (unified address bar)

- enter search term in adressbar
- chose search engine
- voila

that wont change the default search engine!


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There is search bar, just add it being in "Customize..." mode
or for sloths there are also option in Firefox Options now,
it's under about:preferences#search
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Post Posted October 13th, 2017, 7:23 am

Open a New Tab, use the Address Bar or the Search Bar in the page, or add it back using Customize.

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Just add a shortcut to google and be done with it.

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Post Posted October 13th, 2017, 9:59 am

miroman wrote:I will leave out of spite, not because the others are suddenly better, but because... didn't look in Customise for the searchbar and have now shot yourself in the foot?

Good luck with that.
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