Keep getting this page on start up instead of home screen...

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Hi guys, i am using Firefox Nightly x 64, the latest release, all is fine with the browser except that when i use Firefo Nightly i get this message insread of my home page: Sorry. We’re having trouble getting your pages back.restoring tabs, i have checked the 'start Firefox with home page in the options but it keeps showing me that restore tabs page, any ideas please? i am running Win 10 1507. Thanks JH.


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Moving to Firefox Builds.

Have you tried resetting your home page selection?

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i am running Win 10 1507

at least 1703/1709 is current - or when refused -> 1603 should be your latest build. install updates first!
you provoke the unexpected - means: crashes and disfunctional apps.

but hey, this is nightly - you have to expect crashes.
to read this forum -> viewforum.php?f=23
--> "The first official xyz builds are out" for known issues!

other wise you are not the desired target group of user^^

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