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I'm on Firefox EMEfree 57.0b10. Sad there's no CTR, no TM+, no...., no....., any more.
Need some help on userChrome.css.

1) Would it be possible to have my "homepage" when I close the last tab ? ( Now it's a blank one.)

2) and if it is no exageration, I'd like to have a close button at the right side of the tabbar (want to close tabs with it)

Hope you understand my english, many thanks in advance for your help.


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Moving to Firefox Builds where pre-release versions are discussed.

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userChrome.css can only affect the user interface appearance. It can't do either of the things you want.

1) Set browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab to false in about:config then use an add-on like New Tab Override to change what page loads when you open a new tab.

2) Install Simple Close Tab Button. Right-click one of the navigation buttons and choose Customize. Move the Close Tab button from the navigation toolbar onto the tab toolbar.

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Aris/CTR userchrome collection

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Thanks a lot to both of you

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