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We have here a ff 57 installation. If I want to close a tab in tree style tabs with a click on x .. no result. But I can close the Tab in the ordinary tabs.

No change after a restart.

There are a lot of problems in this version ... where I can get a older version who is correctely installed and not updated to this 57 build?



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Post Posted November 26th, 2017, 3:54 pm

Moving to Firefox Support as version 57 is the release version of the program.

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Are you using the latest version of Tree-style-tabs ? ... style-tab/

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@theVisitor the tree style tabs feature is now included in the version 57 ...but not in the old way (like the add-on who does not work with the FF version 57). It is no more possible to have the bookmarks and the tree style tabs sidebar both on the screen and to move a tab in the bookmarks. And if FF displays the tree-style-tab-list ... the stupid ordinary tabs stays in the top of the window.

FF must in the future have a possibility to handle all (the "Tabs" and the bookmarks) like a folder tree .. and it must be possible to administrate all this with a File manager (like Totalcommander) ... pseudo tree's are à stupid way to handle this.

The Windows Folder Tree is a very good solution. No need to create pseudo trees.

The genuine windows folder tree lets us select, delete, move, copy, sort, ... all the entries in the best possible way need to scroll down in a stupid bookmark list. In Totalcommander it is by example possible to mark a selection of entries, to sort them, to move them in a sub folder, to rename multiple entries in one rush ... all this is not possible with such stupid pseudo tree like in FF.

We handle with the Windows Folder Tree very big file collections .. by example pictures and video files. No need for a stupid media manager programm: XNVIEWmp can handle the basic file tree and is more productive like all kind of media manager program's.

Firefox must also work with the windows tree system ... the sidebars must be a windows tree.


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