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Post Posted December 26th, 2017, 12:47 am

Just in case somebody else is experiencing my same issues. I've just been in contact with Webroot Support, there is no way Identity Protection in Webroot is going to work with Nightly, they only support stable releases. I am not talking about their extension that is of course disabled, but normal functioning of Nightly - as soon as webroot is installed and each time a new release of Nightly is installed you need to reset the Application Protection settings for Firefox and several DLLs in its folder. The changed components are seen as potentially risky and they are denied access each time... whenever Nightly is updated.

It is necessary for Nightly to run WSA with Identity Protection turned OFF. Everything works fine then (it seems, for now) but you get a warning tray icon that makes you feel like your PC is unprotected each time you look at it, while of course it isn't - it's just a warning that one small bit has been disabled.

Note also that WSA Support said that this feature doesn't work with Edge either, but there are no issues with it as with Nightly.

I asked to add some sort of whitelisting in a future release but I'm not overly confident :mrgreen: they will do it!

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