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Hi: FF dev ed 58.0b14 64bit, w10pro. How do I get back an "all english" of the the dev ed?
-I downloaded from moz index_of/pub ftp site. I thought I clicked on the "en" link.
-most of the menus in FF are in english but there is link text in the bookmarks toolbar called "cakone," which I think is Polish. And, in the bookmarks menu, "mozilla firefox" dropdown, there are several texts also appearing to be the same foreign language. For example, 1 is "Yik Firefox."
-I am familiar w/about:config & I will be careful, I promise. Can someone please point me to the preference name (rather than scroll thru 5k lines), if the fix is there? Or, is the fix elsewhere, or, must I redownload (from elsewhere in ftp?)?
(Irrelevant I think, but: brand new clean install w10 .lt 1wk of use, new to w10. The "Polish" only appears in FF. No other FF versions installed.)
Thank you.
Paul L


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It's not Polish for sure.
It's Arabic - source

Adding to what James wrote:
1. Check in Add-ons Manager (about:addons) if you don't have any additional Language Pack installed, as if it isn't shown, it's good.
2. Check in about:config, if all "intl." preferences are set to default, as they shouldn't be bolded, if they are, reset them.
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Thanks for replies. "Intl" were all nonbolded in about:config. . What is odd- the font-name-list entries (4) were in tibetan (MS unicode) or "Rachana" (thoolika unicode). Do I need to r & r ? The orig. d/l was via edge, I think. I've renamed/reset to US, the "Asian" bookmarks (all came w/download, not ones I did). My concern is that there's hidden code still in these or other languages, screwing things up somewhere, so I may R & R.
-I'm not even sure how to reinstall this without inheriting the same firefox-support websites, if there is hidden code, even using a new profile. I plan to use moz backup for the bookmarks transfer. What would you do? Thanks.
Paul L


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You've lost me... Anyhow...

I downloaded from moz index_of/pub ftp site

URL to this "ftp" site?

If you have the original download, "open it" with 7-zip or similar.
Then open omni.jar.
Check in its /chrome/ folder & see if it has an /en-US/ directory?
If not, what directories are there? (One of them would be the locale.)
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