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Previous Nightly Builds thread 20180301

The first official 20180302 NIGHTLY builds are out
.The Official Firefox 59 RC 1 builds are not yet out

Previous NIGHTLY: 20180301 (Fx 60.0a1)
Previous BETA: 20180301 (Fx 59.0b14)

Mozilla Inbound Builds
Release Notes: NIGHTLY | BETA
Changelogs: NIGHTLY | BETA

    NIGHTLY +124
  1. #1398713
  2. #1404297
  3. #1425520
  4. #1430942
  5. #1432323
  6. #1437450
  7. #1440465
  8. #1440775
  9. #1441006
  10. #1442443 [Cloud Services:Firefox: Common]-Remove event spinning code from the tree [Uns][]
  11. #1437003 [Core:Audio/Video: Playback]-Incompatibility with H.264/AVC Level 5.2 when using MSE API [Uns][]
  12. #1432195 [Core:Audio/Video: Playback]-Video format or MIME type is not supported for very short MP3 file [Uns][]
  13. #1441729 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-Remove aTextIsSignificant param from nsStyleUtil::IsSignificantChild and its friends [Uns][]
  14. #1422653 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-stylo: We spend a ridiculous amount of time in GetFlattenedTreeParentNodeInternal / StyleChildrenIterator on stylo-chrome. [Uns][]
  15. #1423628 [Core:DOM: Content Processes]-Stop processing native events in the content process on Windows [Win][]
  16. #1440269 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-Preloaded JS modules may not work with the debugger [Uns][]
  17. #1442207 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-Remove unneeded arguments to nsIMutationObserver. [Uns][]
  18. #1359076 [Core:DOM: Device Interfaces]-Disable devicelight, deviceproximity and userproximity events [Uns][]
  19. #1440189 [Core:DOM: Events]-Stop dispatching keypress event on web content in Nightly [All][]
  20. #1440809 [Core:DOM: Events]-crash near null in [@ GetBoolFlag | nsINode::SubtreeRoot] [All][]
  21. #1441794 [Core:DOM: Security]-Add deprecation warning to OBJECT_SUBREQUEST for stable releases [All][]
  22. #1439444 [Core:DOM: Security]-Firefox nightly shows XML content as plain text [All][[domsecurity-active]]
  23. #1382359 [Core:DOM: Security]-Treat .onion as a secure context [Uns][[tor][domsecurity-active][tor 21321][tor 23439]]
  24. #1441133 [Core:DOM: Service Workers]-changing options to block site data causes tab crash when is already open [All][]
  25. #1432079 [Core:DOM: Web Payments]-Implement support for PaymentItem type member [Uns][]
  26. #1438326 [Core:DOM]-Intermittent dom/tests/mochitest/webcomponents/test_xul_custom_element.xul | application crashed [@ mozilla::UniquePtr<AutoTArray<RefPtr<mozilla::dom::Element> [Uns][[stockwell needswork:owner]]
  27. #1442080 [Core:DOM]-IsOrHasAncestorWithDisplayNone could be faster for Servo. [Uns][]
  28. #1442344 [Core:DOM]-Make it clearer that WrapObject does not get called on globals (like windows) [Uns][]
  29. #1429904 [Core:Gecko Profiler]-ThreadInfo::FlushSamplesAndMarkers can cause loss of samples/markers for other threads [Uns][]
  30. #1440938 [Core:Graphics: Text]-Assertion failure: !ftError, at gfx/thebes/gfxFT2FontBase.cpp:543 [Uns][gfx-noted]
  31. #1440664 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Update webrender to 22b831c02479eea31821f49a0fac7dd699083557 [Uns][[gfx-noted]]
  32. #1442037 [Core:ImageLib]-Intermittent image/test/mochitest/test_discardFramesAnimatedImage.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::image::DecoderFactory::CloneAnimationDecoder] [Uns][[gfx-noted]]
  33. #1441913 [Core:Internationalization]-Include sync-brand.ftl into Preferences.xul MessageContext [Uns][]
  34. #1441135 [Core:Internationalization]-menu bar, address bar etc. in English/Firefox install language despite language pack with other language active [Uns][]
  35. #1440394 [Core:JavaScript Engine: JIT]-Require use of masm methods for object shape/group/class accesses in JIT code [All][]
  36. #1441182 [Core:JavaScript Engine: JIT]-Share LGuardShape/LGuardObjectGroup/LGuardClass code [All][]
  37. #1438310 [Core:JavaScript Engine: JIT]-UBSan: member call on address which does not point to an object of type 'js::MatchPairs' in /js/src/builtin/RegExp.cpp [Uns][]
  38. #1440497 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Assertion failure: false (MOZ_ASSERT_UNREACHABLE: this token was previously looked up with a different modifier, potentially making tokenization non-deterministic), at js/src/frontend/TokenStream.h:488 [Lin][[jsbugmon:update,bisect]]
  39. #1438842 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Remove unused parameters in js/src [Uns][]
  40. #1432642 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-UBSan: signed integer overflow in [@ quorem2] [Uns][]
  41. #1441783 [Core:JavaScript: GC]-AutoVectorRooter is unused and should be removed [Uns][]
  42. #903519 [Core:JavaScript: GC]-GC: allocate JSStrings and string data in the Nursery [All][[qf:f61][qf:p1]]
  43. #1441988 [Core:JavaScript: GC]-Refactor repeated AutoVector definitions [Uns][]
  44. #1436510 [Core:Layout: Web Painting]-Crash in PLDHashTable::Search | mozilla::FrameLayerBuilder::DrawPaintedLayer [All][]
  45. #1440177 [Core:Layout: Web Painting]-Improve FrameLayerBuilder performance with inactive layers [Uns][]
  46. #1439809 [Core:Layout: Web Painting]-Remove the new item hashtable in MergeDisplayLists [Uns][]
  47. #1174003 [Core:Layout]-Logicalize IsCrossAxisHorizontal()/IsMainAxisHorizontal() checks in flexbox layout [Uns][]
  48. #1427625 [Core:Layout]-Performance cliff loading a Taskcluster log [Uns][]
  49. #1442245 [Core:Layout]-remove some obviously dead code from nsFrame.cpp [All][]
  50. #1441657 [Core:MFBT]-Implement mfbt/WrappingOperations.h for wraparound math operations and conversions [All][]
  51. #1441223 [Core:Security: PSM]-Add discrete error code for certificates distrusted by policy action [All][]
  52. #1441824 [Core:Security: Process Sandboxing]-Let level 5 (Alternate Desktop) for the Windows content sandbox ride the trains. [Win][sb+]
  53. #1441801 [Core:Security: Process Sandboxing]-Stop using the chromium sandbox DLL blocking mechanism on Nightly [Win][sb+]
  54. #1438391 [Core:Security: Process Sandboxing]-SysV IPC used by VirtualGL preload library [Lin][]
  55. #1438401 [Core:Security: Process Sandboxing]-There's still SysV shared memory usage from libcairo sometimes [Lin][]
  56. #1440040 [Core:WebRTC: Audio/Video]-Intermittent GECKO(1045) | Assertion failure: (aGraph->IterationEnd() == 0 && mLastAppendTime == 0) || aGraph->IterationEnd() > mLastAppendTime), at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/media/webrtc/MediaEngineWebRTCAudio [Uns][]
  57. #1434646 [Core:Widget: Gtk]-[Ambiance] Symbols in window controls are no longer centered [Uns][]
  58. #1441430 [Core:XPCOM]-Provide more detail about atoms memory usage [All][]
  59. #1441523 [Core:XSLT]-txExprLexer::parse: Value stored to 'start' is never read [Uns][]
  60. #1428860 [Core:XUL]-XULDocument::GetElementsByAttributeNS may leak memory [Uns][]
  61. #1430927 [Firefox Build System:General]-Require Rust 1.24 [Uns][]
  62. #1440276 [Firefox:Activity Streams: Newtab]-Activity Stream spikes after Bookmark activity, triggering lots of main thread work [Uns][]
  63. #1441018 [Firefox:Activity Streams: Newtab]-Add snippets data, lazy menus and bug fixes to Activity Stream [Uns][]
  64. #1431470 [Firefox:Activity Streams: Newtab]-Expose bookmarks usage data for snippets [Uns][]
  65. #1441931 [Firefox:Activity Streams: Newtab]-Use open_url provided by Pocket for 'saved to pocket' items in highlights [Uns][]
  66. #1441969 [Firefox:Bookmarks & History]-Convert browser_library_commands.js to use Assert.* [Uns][[fxsearch]]
  67. #1439315 [Firefox:Bookmarks & History]-defineLazyScriptGetter controller.js [Uns][[fxsearch]]
  68. #1439657 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Console]-Remove Console Timing from non-Worker Console Timing [Uns][[fingerprinting]]
  69. #1441622 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Font Inspector]-Expose the OpenType Font Variations data to the fonts redux store [Uns][]
  70. #1442001 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Font Inspector]-Make the fonts panel UI even more compact and in line with the v0 mockups [Uns][]
  71. #1441974 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Inspector]-3 Pane toggle fires twice [All][]
  72. #1437890 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Inspector]-Move Layout view before the Computed view [Uns][]
  73. #1441129 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Memory]-Change the Memory Tool's Snapshot List Item delete button from a div to a button [All][[lang=css,js]]
  74. #1419350 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Netmonitor]-Stop doing React updates while netmonitor is in background [Uns][]
  75. #1442348 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Responsive Design Mode]-Fix React warning in RDM reload list [All][]
  76. #1438837 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Shared Components]-VirtualizedTree: aria-level should be depth + 1 (according to spec values should be >= 1). [All][]
  77. #1432355 [Firefox:Enterprise Policies]-Policy: Disable private browsing [All][]
  78. #1429186 [Firefox:Enterprise Policies]-Policy: Set and lock homepage [All][]
  79. #1370930 [Firefox:New Tab Page]-DirectoryLinksProvider is started too early during startup [Uns][[fxperf:p1]]
  80. #1355166 [Firefox:New Tab Page]-Remove remote newtab's dead code [Uns][]
  81. #1441766 [Firefox:Preferences]-Cookies and site data search keywords aren't optimal [Uns][[storage-v2]]
  82. #1437335 [Firefox:Preferences]-Manual proxy port configuration should disable when its option is not selected [All][]
  83. #1441198 [Firefox:Preferences]-The Cookies and Site Data UI from about:preferences#privacy doesn't match the specifications [All][]
  84. #1441965 [Firefox:Sync]-Synced Tabs sidebar menu items still present with identity.fxaccounts.enabled=false [Uns][]
  85. #1435067 [Firefox:Sync]-Use the pingSender for sending the sync ping [Uns][]
  86. #1433178 [Firefox:Sync]-Write weakly uploaded records back to the mirror [Uns][]
  87. #1441816 [Firefox:Tabbed Browser]-Move mTabProgressListener into its own class [All][]
  88. #1435359 [Firefox:Theme]-Nightly DMG is missing Finder background [Uns][]
  89. #1441882 [Firefox:Theme]-Update browser_parsable_css.js to check that variables that are defined are actually referenced [Uns][]
  90. #1420939 [Firefox:Toolbars and Customization]-Add an asynchronous version of the description height workaround [Uns][]
  91. #1428839 [Firefox:Toolbars and Customization]-Make popuphidden handling in PanelMultiView synchronous and prevent re-entrancy [Uns][ [reserve-photon-structure] ]
  92. #1441284 [Firefox:Toolbars and Customization]-Remove various properties of the PanelMultiview object and start simplifying the cleanup process [Uns][]
  93. #1442377 [Firefox:Toolbars and Customization]-Unused variables (fillSubviewFromMenuItems/clearSubview) reported for CustomizableWidgets.jsm [Uns][]
  94. #1441841 [Toolkit:Add-ons Manager]-User reviews count from Add-ons manager is inconsistent with the new AMO frontend [All][]
  95. #1442407 [Toolkit:Application Update]-Backout bug 1348087 from 60 [Uns][]
  96. #1436845 [Toolkit:Crash Reporting]-Cert annotation performance and reliability improvements [Uns][inj+]
  97. #1441712 [Toolkit:General]-Timer.jsm's setTimeout/setInterval should not call XPCOMUtils.generateQI every time. [Uns][]
  98. #1427809 [Toolkit:Printing]-Enable Simplify Print Feature by default on Linux [Lin][]
  99. #1439455 [Toolkit:Safe Browsing]-about:url-classifier should show the name of NS_ERROR types when an update fails [Uns][]
  100. #1442370 [Toolkit:Storage]-Change SQLITE_TEMP_FILE_PREFIX to a Mozilla unique value [Uns][]
  101. #1422327 [Toolkit:Storage]-Intermittent extensions/cookie/test/browser_test_favicon.js | application crashed [@ mozilla::storage::Service::unregisterConnection] [Uns][]
  102. #1428893 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-Extend the JSHistogram APIs to allow Javascript to accumulate multiple samples to a non-keyed histogram in one call [Uns][]
  103. #1435753 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-canRecordExtended is false in late betas/release candidate Beta in 58+ [Uns][]
  104. #1441725 [Toolkit:Themes]-Remove default macOS toolbar button text-shadow [Uns][]
  105. #1410498 [Toolkit:Themes]-Visual appearance of autoscroll indicator has regressed, doesn't match photon specs [All][]
  106. #1437564 [Toolkit:Themes]-[Windows] Unreadable Landscape/Portrait buttons’ labels in Print preview when in dark theme [Win][]
  107. #1441830 [Toolkit:Themes]-treechildren::-moz-tree-row(hover) incorrectly doesn't reference --treechildren-hoverBorder [Uns][]
  108. #1434076 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: Experiments]-browserAction breaks in extensions that use bundled experiments [Uns][]
  109. #1402850 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: Frontend]-Some optional permissions are displayed in the permissions pop-up [All][]
  110. #1438666 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: Frontend]-tabs.query doesn't return highlighted tabs [Uns][]
  111. #1344749 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: General]-Expose API to customize where new tabs open [Uns][[design-decision-approved][browserSettings]]
  112. #1441333 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: General]-Include better location information in errors triggered by async APIs [Uns][]
  113. #1442437 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: Themes]-Rename background_tab_text to tab_background_text [Uns][]
  114. #1373640 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: Untriaged]-Add DNS resolution to webextensions api [Uns][[design-decision-approved]]
  115. #1438985 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: Untriaged]-tabhide shutdown doesn't happen if api is unused [Uns][]
  116. #1441692 [Toolkit:WebPayments UI]-Add error option to the PaymentRequest debug panel [All][]
  117. #1429207 [Toolkit:WebPayments UI]-Implement the "failure" screen for when the merchant rejects the payment and doesn't request retrying [All][]
  118. #1429211 [Toolkit:WebPayments UI]-Implement the "success" screen for when the merchant accepts the payment [All][]
  119. #1440391 [Toolkit:XUL Widgets]-Move XBL accessibility role="outerdoc" into XULMap.h [Uns][]
  120. #1440392 [Toolkit:XUL Widgets]-Move XBL accessibility role="xul:menupopup" into XULMap.h [Uns][]
  121. #1440393 [Toolkit:XUL Widgets]-Move XBL accessibility role="xul:scale" and "xul:thumb" into XULMap.h [Uns][]
  122. #1439761 [Toolkit:XUL Widgets]-Move XBL accessibility role="xul:textbox" and role="xul:combobox" into XULMap.h [Uns][]
  123. #1437873 [Toolkit:XUL Widgets]-Move XBL accessibility role="xul:toolbarbutton" and role="xul:button" into XULMap.h [Uns][]
  124. #1440383 [Toolkit:XUL Widgets]-Remove XBL accessibility role="xul:pane" and role="none" [Uns][]

    Partial Landings/Diagnostic Patches:
  1. #857348 [Core:Disability Access APIs]-crash in mozilla::a11y::XULButtonAccessible::ContainsMenu [Win][[tbird crash]]
  2. #1423261 [Core:DOM: Content Processes]-Crash in mozilla::ipc::MessageChannel::Clear | mozilla::ipc::MessageChannel::~MessageChannel | mozilla::dom::PContentParent::~PContentParent [Win][]
  3. #1440816 [Core:General]-Errors from child/content processes do not have stacks in nsIConsoleService listeners [Uns][]
  4. #1341261 [Core:JavaScript Engine: JIT]-Port Compare IC to CacheIR [Uns][[qf-]]

    Beta 14 -> RC 1 Changelog +0

Nightly 60 fixes since 20180122 (Gecko 59) ~1665
Beta 59 fixes since 20171113 (Gecko 58) ~2603

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Post Posted March 1st, 2018, 5:34 pm

My 59 "beta 13" would not update, so I downloaded it manually, and installed over 13. I must admit, it seems a lot quicker, at least for now. I'm not sure, but I think it slows down more and more over time, until it just starts locking up after maybe a day of uptime.

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Post Posted March 2nd, 2018, 7:49 am

You are not supposed to use betas. You missed again beta 14
users using outdated and vulnerable software probably never will get an answer from me - sticked with the past? stay alone.

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Post Posted March 2nd, 2018, 7:52 am

Don't enable WebRender in today's Nightly on Windows. It hangs with a white screen.


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Post Posted March 2nd, 2018, 8:22 am

Brummelchen wrote:You are not supposed to use betas. You missed again beta 14

So have I. My Linux isn't updating. Maybe they want to finish the Test Day before enabling updates.

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:59.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/59.0 ID:20180226180053 Version: 59.0b13
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Post Posted March 2nd, 2018, 11:15 am

page shows current -> beta 14

cant speak for linux and using repositories, sorry.

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Post Posted March 2nd, 2018, 11:22 am

Brummelchen wrote:You are not supposed to use betas. You missed again beta 14

Then why are they even listed? Tell us again how this whole testing thing works according to your view on things. :-"


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Post Posted March 2nd, 2018, 2:21 pm

DN123ABC wrote: Tell us again how this whole testing thing works according to your view on things. :-"

If you don't already know then you should definitely should not be testing Beta or Nightly builds
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Omega X

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Post Posted March 2nd, 2018, 3:59 pm

Someone visit and tell me if autoscroll works for you.
Latest: Firefox/65.0.1 *ESR/60.5.1 - Mobile/65.0.1 - Thunderbird/60.5.1
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Post Posted March 2nd, 2018, 4:06 pm

Could someone test this bug on a platform other than Linux?
Arrow key navigation and page up/down don't work on Google Sheets with Nightly 60

(It's very frustrating. And of course it's Friday evening and I want to update some documents before Monday.)

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Post Posted March 2nd, 2018, 6:15 pm

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Post Posted March 2nd, 2018, 6:24 pm

Omega X wrote:Someone visit and tell me if autoscroll works for you.

No it does not... seems to be only site in some quick spot-testing that is not working.

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