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Hello: FFQ 60.0b11 w10. But, this is a bootcamped macbook, using external USB 2 KB, & this is a hw or related issue (?). Also I don't know know if this should go in "general" or "bugs" or "features," instead (but I don't use stable FF, this build is it). Across different sessions, different days, keystroke entries are noticably (much) slower than when using chrome. Granted, FFQ is my more-secure browser choice, w/all its security built-ins (much more easily accessed than chrome or anything else). & I have ghostery, ublock, adblock & browser safety exts all active. I don't KNOW that all of these contribute to slow KB input, but that's why I'm asking here. (Yes, I believe I've run FFQ in safe mode on this issue before, but didn't take notes. My best guess is that doing so didn't make any diff, but I will do again.)
-But I find I'm using chrome more, even though it's built like a sieve, cause it is simply multiple-seconds faster & sometimes I just want to get work done w/o drumming my fingers waiting, while FFQ in status bar says "waiting..." while it does whatever it does until I can finally enter keystrokes (or finish a sentence). A typical example is simply typing in a password in my gmail account, on FFQ. I just sat there 10+ secs until the KB entry bar magically appeared.
Thank you.
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I have ghostery, ublock, adblock & browser safety

uninstall adblock, ghostery and browser safety - ublock makes those futile and can replace it all.

if adblock blocks content which ublock dont - just investigate in the used list and insert it into ublock.
ghostery has been marked as trouble maker, and ofc ublock has same features.
browser safety is complete futile as it uses same list as ublock -> host file filters!

so you spread trouble over 4 extension while it could only one which offers the features like a swiss knife to examine failures (network logger) or more (picker) which the others dont have.


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What is FF CPU/memory usage during these slow times?

Does the same happen in FF 59 release version?
Does the same happen in your b11 when run in Safe Mode?
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