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Mark12547 wrote:
ashleylai87 wrote:As one can see, I wanna set as my homepage, but I don't want firefox to automatically loads every time I start firefox from shortcut at taskbar. I simply want a blank tab/window, if I want to access the homepage, I would press ALT+Home.

Unfortunately, if I set 'blank page' at 'homepage and new windows', the shortcut ALT+Home redirect to ...well...blank page.

I have my home page set to a blank page. I use the bookmarks toolbar for sites I frequent most often, with the first site I usually visit being the first shortcut on the bookmarks toolbar.

Some people don't like sacrificing part of the vertical space for the bookmarks toolbar, so a second possibility is to have multiple shortcuts to launch Firefox, altering the "target" part of the shortcut if launching to a particular URL.

A sample shortcut target:

"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -no-remote

Same sample but opening a particular URL (in this case, to display the official time)

"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -no-remote

The "" is the URL Firefox will automatically open when that shortcut is double-clicked.

(The -no-remote on Windows allows me to have this launch Firefox, even though there are other instances of Firefox already running, but it will not allow two instances to use the same profile. I need it because I often have two different versions of Firefox up at the same time, or have two Nightly instances up and running but one of them is using a new profile. If you run strictly one instance at a time, you wouldn't have -no-remote.)

Edited to add:

OK, it works. Set the default home page to desired URL. Then if you launch Firefox and specify "about:blank" as the URL, it appears to work, e. g.,

Shortcut target to open a blank page, in spite of having configured a default home page:

"C:\Program Files\Firefox Developer Edition\firefox.exe" -p "Test_Dev" -no-remote "about:blank"

Even though this instance has htts:// as its default home page, the above shortcut (with the "about:blank", including the quotes, as the last parameter of the "target" of the shortcut) will open Firefox and the one tab opened will be a blank page.

This one ought to do for mass deployment. (20+ pc to push for)

One reddit user suggests adding user_pref("", 0); more or less the same stuff.

edit: with build 20180504220115, webrender finally works without those weird super ram usage and crash

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