The first official 20180701 builds are out

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Previous Nightly Builds thread 20180630

The first official 20180701 NIGHTLY builds are out
.The Official Firefox 62 Beta 5 builds are not yet out

Previous NIGHTLY: 20180630 (Fx 63.0a1)
Previous BETA: 20180629 (Fx 62.0b4)

Mozilla Inbound Builds
Release Notes: NIGHTLY | BETA
Changelogs: NIGHTLY | BETA

    NIGHTLY +15
  1. #1116638 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-expose logical property values on computed style objects [All][]
  2. #1472443 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-Cleanup content properties a bit. [Uns][]
  3. #1472497 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-Serialize list-style-image / list-style-type using Servo. [Uns][]
  4. #1467336 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Move away from having tokenizer code use "char" in function names to using "code unit" or "code point" as appropriate [All][]
  5. #1471463 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Move TokenStreamCharsBase::tokenbuf and related functions into a new TokenStreamCharsShared base class, make the character type always char16_t, and rename it/them to 'charBuffer' for clarity [All][]
  6. #1471464 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Make getNonAsciiCodePoint, getFullAsciiCodePoint, and isAsciiCodePoint all take |int32_t| and not |CharT|, because they're all passed |int32_t| from |getCodeUnit()| or a code point-getting mechanism. [All][]
  7. #1471465 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Fix some issues with ungetting LineTerminatorSequence in certain places [All][]
  8. #1472031 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Miscellaneous tokenizing improvements [All][]
  9. #1455854 [Core:SVG]-Throw a TypeError rather than a SyntaxError for enum out of range [All][]
  10. #1463092 [DevTools:General]-Instrument inspection of "Jump to Source" in the Web Console with event telemetry [All][]
  11. #1466880 [DevTools:General]-Track toolbox session id in event telemetry probes [All][]
  12. #1470432 [DevTools:General]-Land approved debugger.html telemetry event probes in Events.yaml [All][]
  13. #1466518 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-Save current time as profile creation time during startup if necessary [Uns][]
  14. #1472163 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-Remove sync/async blocklist load probe [Uns][[good first bug][lang=json]]
  15. #1471102 [WebExtensions:General]-Move more stuff from ExtensionUtils.jsm to ExtensionCommon.jsm [Uns][[overhead:15k]]

    Partial Landings/Diagnostic Patches:
  1. #1472066 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Instantiate TokenStreamCharsBase for UTF-8 source text [All][]
  2. #1447116 [Firefox Build System:General]-Update builders to rust 1.28 [Uns][]

    Beta 4 -> Beta 5 Changelog +0

Nightly 63 fixes since 20180626 (Gecko 62) ~286
Beta 62 fixes since 20180507 (Gecko 61) ~1760

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