Method to disable updates in Firefox 63, 64, 65

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In these versions the UI and about:config settings to disable updates will not work. The recommended way to disable updates is to make a policies.json file.
In your "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox" directory created a subdirectory called distribution .
In there make a file called policies.json . Make sure the file is NOT policies.json.txt - show file extensions if necessary.
File should contain this code:
"policies": {
"DisableAppUpdate": true

Likely, this would work as an alternative:
{ "policies": { "DisableAppUpdate": true } }

When you start Firefox and go to help about, you should see "Updates disabled by your system administrator". Every time you manually install a new version, the distribution directory will be deleted. To work around this, once distribution is created with policies.json inside, copy it to somewhere other than C:\Program Files so you can copy it back if you manually update or install a new version.

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How about increasing the app.update.interval preference and disabling the app.update.doorhanger preference?

Remove or hide the update features in the preferences

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That should work if all is set properly like setting to ask instead of update, and assuming the system clock doesn't get jumped around. I am just documenting the method suggested by the release notes as an FAQ, at first glance the readme looks long and complicated but the significant parts are simple.

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just do the update to avoid crashes or bugs - those are nightlies or still not existant.
please read from here, its same matter (and same waste of time)

if you dont like updateing, dont cry us rivers when firefox misbehave because of that - and step back to v60esr which dont get feature updates, only bugfixes that far.

if you work in an enterprise environement ofc updates should happen by purpose
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