The first official 20181230 builds are out

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Previous Nightly Builds thread 20181229

The first official 20181230 NIGHTLY builds are out
.The Official Firefox 65 Beta 8 builds are not yet out

Previous NIGHTLY: 20181229 (Fx 66.0a1)
Previous BETA: 20181228 (Fx 65.0b7)

Mozilla Inbound Builds
Release Notes: NIGHTLY | BETA
Changelogs: NIGHTLY | BETA

    NIGHTLY +8
  1. #1516366 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-Shrink nsDocument.h [Uns][]
  2. #1455848 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Crash in static void webrender::platform::windows::font::FontContext::add_native_font [Win][]
  3. #1516676 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Reduce GPU cache memory usage (WR PR #3452) [Uns][[gfx-noted]]
  4. #1516368 [Core:Layout]-Some independent cleanups for bug 1423013 [Uns][]
  5. #1516307 [Core:Panning and Zooming]-nsIDOMWindowUtils.getResolution should return the result value instead of taking an argument to store the result [Uns][]
  6. #1516551 [Core:SVG]-Having classes called SVGTransform and nsSVGTransform is confusing [All][]
  7. #1510296 [Firefox:Search]-Update Firefox to use new Google Codes [Uns][]
  8. #1516763 [Toolkit:XUL Widgets]-Remove the feature to set a direction on the "richlistbox" element [Uns][]

    Partial Landings/Diagnostic Patches:
  1. #1516727 [Core:SVG]-Having classes called SVGAngle and nsSVGAngle is confusing [All][]
  2. #1515590 [Core:XPConnect]-Various fixes for browser chrome tests for same-compartment realms [All][]

    Beta 7 -> Beta 8 Changelog +0

Nightly 66 fixes since 20181210 (Gecko 65) ~628
Beta 65 fixes since 20181022 (Gecko 64) ~2166

Nightly Blog
Release Calendar
Release Tracking
MozRegression Guide
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sciguyryan wrote:Something appears to be going very wrong with the recent nightly build. Getting super high CPU usage. Is anyone seeing anything similar to this?

Nothing besides the issue with the latest version of LastPass that I reported a few days ago (where it causes long cycle collector pauses).

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