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Previous Nightly Builds thread 20191009

The first official 20191010 NIGHTLY builds are out
.The official Firefox 70 Beta 14 builds are not yet out

Previous NIGHTLY: 20191009 (Fx 71.0a1)
Previous BETA: 20191008 (Fx 70.0b13)

Mozilla Inbound Builds
Release Notes: NIGHTLY | BETA
Changelogs: NIGHTLY | BETA

    NIGHTLY +70
  1. #1533957
  2. #1558522
  3. #1586387 [Core:Audio/Video: MediaStreamGraph]-Crash in [@ mozilla::MediaTrackGraphImpl::AppendMessage] [All]
  4. #1587368 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-Sync servo stuff. [Uns]
  5. #1586220 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-2.22 - 6.15% Explicit Memory / JS (linux64, macosx1014-64-shippable, windows10-64, windows7-32) regression on push c36eedede55882d7d5d2f811f448f824126612bf (Mon September 30 2019) [Uns]
  6. #1312422 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-DOM implementation of Web Share API [Uns]
  7. #1584787 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-Incorrect code found via PVS-Studio Static Analyzer - [Uns]
  8. #1585823 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-Remove MayNeedToLoadXBLBinding [Uns]
  9. #1566795 [Core:DOM: Events]-In Outlook - Ctrl+B doesn't work on already embolden pasted input [Uns]
  10. #1581925 [Core:DOM: Events]-In-process content JSWindowActors cannot observe "load" event [Uns]
  11. #1587417 [Core:DOM: Security]-Add about:logo to allowlist of CSP assertion [Uns]
  12. #1586050 [Core:Document Navigation]-Don't blow away progress listeners when switching between local and remote processes [Uns]
  13. #1575163 [Core:Document Navigation]-[Fission] Crash in [@ mozilla::ipc::IPDLParamTraits<T>::Write] [All]
  14. #1587312 [Core:Editor]-possible infinite loop when finding non anonymous content [Uns]
  15. #1583271 [Core:Gecko Profiler]-Change the ID fields of PageInformation class to properly refer to pages [All]
  16. #1512500 [Core:Gecko Profiler]-Record parent docshell in profile JSON pages array [All]
  17. #1587486 [Core:Gecko Profiler]-Update object dependency in the profiler. [Uns]
  18. #1585278 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Add option of enabling performance debugging counters of DirectComposition [Uns]
  19. #1587210 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Crash in [@ mozilla::layers::DIGroup::ClearImageKey] [All]
  20. #1586573 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-checkbox is drawn with bad image when WebRender enabled [Win]
  21. #1577566 [Core:Graphics]-filter is not rendering in SVG (with the default hardware-accelerated graphics backend on Windows) [Win]
  22. #1584256 [Core:IPC]-Add IPDLParamTraits for Variant [All]
  23. #1586216 [Core:Internationalization]-Translations from language pack are not fully loaded in firefox 70.0 [Uns]
  24. #1573062 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Use BytecodeLocation and BytecodeIterator in JitScript::printTypes [Uns]
  25. #1571446 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Use a union for jitScript_ and warmUpCount_ fields in JSScript [All]
  26. #1581052 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-[BinAST] Make getHuffmanLookup faster [Uns]
  27. #1585921 [Core:JavaScript: GC]-Make it harder to misuse GC containers [Uns]
  28. #1308286 [Core:Layout]-Scroll less to give more context with page down/page up [Uns]
  29. #1587066 [Core:Memory Allocator]-Call native abort in TSan builds [Lin]
  30. #1585236 [Core:Networking: HTTP]-Conservative TLS settings prevent connecting to a TLS 1.3-only proxy [Uns]
  31. #1587130 [Core:Permission Manager]-Fix nsContentBlocker telemetry adding scalar values instead of setting them [Uns]
  32. #1587069 [Core:Selection]-Simplify `RangeBoundaryBase` constructors [Uns]
  33. #1587378 [Core:XPCOM]-Remove TraceCallbacks method that takes raw JSObject pointers [Uns]
  34. #1577446 [DevTools:Application Panel]-Display better image info in the Manifest [Uns]
  35. #1580168 [DevTools:Debugger]-Display PID instead of incremental number in the thread list [Uns]
  36. #1587497 [DevTools:Debugger]-Resume lands on the same location when location has both a breakpoint and watchpoint [Uns]
  37. #1585902 [DevTools:Debugger]-Type `paused` event via protocol.js specification and use emit() instead of sendActorEvent [Uns]
  38. #1586658 [DevTools:Debugger]-bundle files are out of sync [Uns]
  39. #1586468 [DevTools:Framework]-ProcessActorList only listens for new processes [Uns]
  40. #1565263 [DevTools:Framework]-Support process switching without closing the toolbox [Uns]
  41. #1586680 [DevTools:General]-Fix devtools issues when toolbox uses a <browser> element instead of a content <iframe> [Uns]
  42. #1585725 [DevTools:Netmonitor]-Blocked resource icon should be white in selected rows [Uns]
  43. #1587636 [DevTools:Responsive Design Mode]-Original browser size is not restored when closing RDM [Uns]
  44. #1587185 [Firefox:Address Bar]-[Megabar] Regression: The Resultlist Drop Down items (icons and text) are 1px too far left [Uns]
  45. #1586913 [Firefox:Enterprise Policies]-Add a policy for DisablePasswordReveal [Uns]
  46. #1577149 [Firefox:Enterprise Policies]-Additional preferences for enteprise policies [Uns]
  47. #1569696 [Firefox:Messaging System]-CFR: recommend send tab on popular recipe sites [Uns]
  48. #1586266 [Firefox:PDF Viewer]-Update pdf.js to version 2.4.15 [All]
  49. #1586355 [Firefox:Preferences]-"Applications" section blank in about:preferences [Uns]
  50. #1582467 [Firefox:Preferences]-Cannot select "Prevent accessibility features from accessing your browser" [Win]
  51. #1587384 [Firefox:Preferences]-Fix extension controlled UI for connection settings [Uns]
  52. #1581670 [Firefox:Preferences]-Remove XUL grid from browser/components/preferences/connection.xul [Uns]
  53. #1587316 [Firefox:Site Identity]-[Protections Panel] Category items are inaccessible using the mouse [Uns]
  54. #1585807 [Firefox:Site Identity]-[Protections Panel] Update Gradient on Dark Theme [Uns]
  55. #1587227 [Firefox:Sync]-First click on "send tab to device" does nothing if sync hasn't yet loaded. [Uns]
  56. #1586590 [Firefox:about:logins]-'Delete this login?': buttons 'Delete' and 'Cancel' don't have same distance to borders (mirror each other) if text above is longer due to localization [Uns]
  57. #1585808 [Firefox:about:logins]-Add UTM parameters to the "Learn more about this breach" link in breach notifications. [Uns]
  58. #1579738 [Firefox:about:logins]-HTTP auth realm is cut in about:logins [Uns]
  59. #1586601 [Firefox:about:logins]-Long, localized texts can force the app promo in about:logins to push app store buttons on new line and make scrollbar necessary [Uns]
  60. #1576276 [Firefox:about:logins]-Sort value should be saved when reloading about:logins [Uns]
  61. #1583161 [Firefox:about:logins]-The FxA avatar's hover effect is hardly visible on dark mode [All]
  62. #1584162 [Firefox:about:logins]-The “Sort by: Name (A-Z)” dropdown menu has not an hover effect on the “about:logins” page [All]
  63. #1584176 [Firefox:about:logins]-The “x” button from the Breach warning doesn't have a hover effect in Dark Mode [All]
  64. #1584103 [Firefox:about:logins]-[Windows] "Learn more about this breach" hyperlink from the warning panel is not bolded [Win]
  65. #1583665 [Toolkit:Add-ons Manager]-Cannot install addon when running Firefox in a full screen window [mac]
  66. #1580962 [Toolkit:Add-ons Manager]-For extensions that can't be removed, show message and link to SUMO [Uns]
  67. #1573836 [Toolkit:Autocomplete]-Make autocomplete fillin work in out of process iframes [Uns]
  68. #1584174 [Toolkit:Safe Browsing]-nsChannelClassifier log module and macros is defined twice [Uns]
  69. #1586671 [Toolkit:Startup and Profile System]-Broken profile creation in about:profiles [Uns]
  70. #1513325 [Toolkit:XUL Widgets]-Remove textbox binding [Uns]

    Partial Landings/Diagnostic Patches:
  1. #1587084 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-WebRender does not display anything if picture caching is disabled [Uns]
  2. #1572006 [Core:JavaScript: GC]-Replace use of JSRuntime with GCRuntime where possible inside the GC component [Uns]
  3. #1568126 [DevTools:Inspector]-Fetch the inspector and its related fronts (walker, highlighter, selection) via the nodeFront rather than from toolbox or inspector panel singleton [Uns]

    Beta 13 -> Beta 14 Changelog +29
  1. #1577311
  2. #1585301
  3. #1585882 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-Regression Bug : SVG graph Display issue (MozRegresion pointed to Bug 1404140) [Uns]
  4. #1581589 [Core:Disability Access APIs]-Assertion failure: aIdxInParent <= static_cast<int32_t>(aNewParent->mChildren.Length()) (Wrong insertion point for a moving child), at src/accessible/generic/DocAccessible.cpp:2293 [Uns]
  5. #1578304 [Core:DOM: Content Processes]-Tab title does not update after opening an Adobe Flash based url [Uns]
  6. #1585058 [Core:DOM: Security]-Typo in identifier causing the test to return always the same value [Uns]
  7. #1586315 [Core:DOM: Web Storage]-LSNG: Finish RequestHelper when LSRequestChild actor is unexpectedly destroyed [Uns]
  8. #1581606 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Consider all monitors screen size when deciding to enable WebRender [All]
  9. #1568968 [Core:Printing: Setup]-Re-enable existing print telemetry on release [Uns]
  10. #1570222 [Core:Security: PSM]-dotnet core 2.2 dev ssl cert no longer work with error SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CRITICAL_EXTENSION [Win]
  11. #1577587 [Core:Widget: Cocoa]-minimize to dock doesn't work [mac]
  12. #1578907 [Core:Widget: Cocoa]-[10.15] MacOS 10.15 Beta - Flash File Picker broken [mac]
  13. #1585523 [Core:Widget: Cocoa]-Use NSAnimationContext instead of CATransaction when triggering off-main-thread composites [mac]
  14. #1583267 [Firefox:about:logins]-The website's favicon from the login item changes to the default one if the saved login is edited [Uns]
  15. #1585367 [Firefox:Distributions]-[Win][Acer] The code in the search is wrongly displayed after Firefox update [Win]
  16. #1580115 [Firefox:Firefox Accounts]-[FxA] The avatar icon has a square shape in the reconnect state [All]
  17. #1570332 [Firefox:Messaging System]-New bookmark popup shows Firefox Sync ad, but "Feature Recommendations" are turned off [All]
  18. #1576509 [Firefox:Messaging System]-Make the contextual feature recommender (CFR) usable by keyboard users [Uns]
  19. #1582242 [Firefox:Messaging System]-about:welcome Join modal should not dismiss when you click on the background [All]
  20. #1578381 [Firefox:New Tab Page]-The homepage preferences are being blocked/grayed-out by the incorrect message about an extension controlling the homepage being displayed after having been blocked [All]
  21. #1584642 [Firefox:New Tab Page]-Remove client story engagement labels? [Uns]
  22. #1584543 [Firefox:Security]-Cert errors in sandboxed iframes are still broken [Uns]
  23. #1583325 [Firefox:Site Identity]-[Protections Panel] Change opacity of stripes [Uns]
  24. #1586659 [Firefox:Site Identity]-[Protections Panel] Anchor arrow is purple when it's on the bottom [Uns]
  25. #1579445 [Firefox:Sync]-Newly added device doesn't show up in the list of send tab devices [All]
  26. #1581117 [Toolkit:Add-ons Manager]-Switching dark mode does not update some add-on toolbar icons [mac]
  27. #1585972 [Toolkit:Add-ons Manager]-Homepage cannot be changed and related add-ons fail installation if the remote settings ignore list isn't verified. [Uns]
  28. #1584986 [Toolkit:Data Sanitization]-"Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed" does not delete quota data [All]
  29. #1574963 [Toolkit:Startup and Profile System]-Disable profile per channel/directory for the ESR [Uns]

Nightly 71 fixes since 20190901 (Gecko 70) ~1732
Beta 70 fixes since 20190708 (Gecko 69) ~2886

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