The first official 20210130 builds are out

Discussion about official Mozilla Firefox builds
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James wrote:
Snake4 wrote:
James wrote:Do you even use Linux? as GTK3 themes can theme Firefox.

AFAIK, going by my user agent, it says WINNT . is that another Linux Distro?

No Windows 10 is not a Linux distro :roll: as my point is why comment if you do not even use a Linux distro.

Thanks Champ
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For those still interested there is a problem getting to the SSA site. Have a look Social Security Administration - Community | Facebook
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Just updated but I still have the google search problem.
I'm wondering if it could be related to locale settings and, somehow, there is something wrong when search engine tries and it receives answers from

C'è qualche utente italiano di Firefox Nightly su OSX (Big Sur Public Beta per la precisione) che riesce a fare qualche prova? Grazie.

Thank you.

EDIT: I tried to clean Firefox cache and remove and cookies, no luck. Started in Safe-Mode, no luck. Clean profile, works...writing from a new profile with a working search bar.

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