12/21 Excellent!

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I agree with Tutor

I have been using the 12/28 build since... well, since the 28 :) and it has been extremely stable, password manager and cookies work fine. The only trouble I had with it is when I opened a 622 KB XML file. It eventually opened it, but it nearly halted my system in doing using 96 MB of RAM. But it did it and parse it correctly! Phoenix is my default browser as well, and the only time I use IE is for Microsoft sites (,, and Mozilla for testing.

Phoenix all the way!

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Matt34 wrote:That would explain it. I last created a new profile for 0.5. When I updated Phoenix to 12/21, I was brave and kept the old profile; a good decision apparently. I have not stored any additional passwords since then.

color me lemming, but i'm gonna do the same thing you did and see if it works :)

thanks, wish me luck...

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Yeah. This is the build I'm using at home. I'm ready for another good one though! Although, Phoenix is to the point now where I don't really *need* to upgrade it when there are new releases. It does everything I need it to better then IE, and it looks great!

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