How to submit pending crash reports?

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Post Posted February 20th, 2008, 6:59 pm

I have a couple of them because my firewall didn't let the crash reporter through when it tried, and the silly thing doesn't try again. Does anyone know how to submit these pending crash reports?

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I'm answering this only because I had the same question; so when I searched on this, this popped up in the results which was why I ended up here. The only thing no one took the time to answer the question since 2008.

Now from what I learned, enter "About:Crashes" in the url bar to get a list of all your crash reports. Any report without the prefix "bp-" is a pending report that has yet to be submitted. To submit such a report simply click on it and it will be sent to Mozilla.

That's all there is to it.


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Locking due to old age of original post from Feb 2008.

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