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My Web Designer is having issues getting embedded videos to play across end user platforms. We can get the videos to play on everything now except

Firefox, any advice... test page:

It seems to work on all iphones now plus Safari on the mac but still not on Firefox. I'm still testing Internet Explorer on a PC.

I'm not sure what else to try.


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Moving to Web Dev.
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Firefox receives the playlist with this header:

Content-Type: application/

I don't think Firefox knows what to do with that kind of file -- even though its contents appear to be plain text. Unless there is a simple way to educate Firefox about new MIME types in your page (i.e., without the user having to make a settings change), you might have to serve Firefox differently than your mobile devices.

Edit: Also doesn't seem to work on the stock Android browser/streaming video player, for me, at the moment, but perhaps you have a separate page for Android.

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