How do i instal a slideshow in composer?

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Hello everyone,

Ive been using composer from the early days (Netscape days) its the only program i know how to use & so feel fairly confident (for a old fart like myself). :mrgreen:

I am trying & have tried to put a picture slideshow on my index page, a simple one that changes from picture to picture nice & seamlessly.

Please can anyone out there help me out in the steps needed to achieve this task? or at least point me to a discussion where this subject has come up before.

I don't know how to code HTML but im confident enough to be able to copy/paste something & then with some guidance be shown how to make it all happen.

Thanks in advance.



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There are many styles of slideshows, generally driven by JavaScript. If you find one you like on the web, you can take a look at the script and see whether it is a common one offered for free. Because they all work so differently, I don't think there is any way to give generic instructions on how to make it work in Composer...


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There are many online examples of JS that will provide slideshow code. Pick one that you feel you can follow/modify to fit your needs. ... annel=fflb

There are also code pages you can buy online.
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There's an example of one using pure CSS to run the slideshow at ... ?id=568623 (though js is used to allow the ESC key to pause it)

The zoom animation for that example needs the images to be exactly twice the size of the container, so if you don't need zooming you can remove that css code and just have images the same size as the container.

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