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Anyone tell me how can i expert html & html 5 :?:


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I'll bite.
:idea: Buy a book and read it, or view a few HTML web sites like;
Mozilla Developer Network or Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group and code, code, code until your fingers bleed. :twisted:
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There are a lot of tutorials across the web, actually. One of them is w3 ( They have almost everything you need to know about HTML or other programming languages. Another great series of tutorials is that of . Hope these help!

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Just Search Google and Youtube for tutorials it's the best way, a learnt by myself without any school or courses:)


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Another way to get started learning HTML, CSS, etc is to use a WYSIWYG editor. I personally use KompoZer and have learned lots just from creating web pages. You can join a user forum such as and get lots of good quality help from other users.

And it's free :)
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