Unable to get file full path in Firefox using file browse di

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Hi All,

I have a file browse dialog page,I use it to browse the file name to do import operation on submit of form, I am able to get the filename, but fails to get full file path in Firefox, this code works fine in IE and returns full file path, but in Firefox it only returns the file name, I want full file path to do import operation.

can anyone tell what is the solution in Firefox

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script type="text/javascript">
function performClick(elemId)

   var elem = document.getElementById(elemId);

<a href="#" onclick="performClick('theFile');">Open file dialog</a>
<input  type="file" id="theFile" name  = "theFile" />

thanks in advance

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From memory this is a security loophole that was closed during the days of Netscape 4: neither web page script nor the server get access to information about the client's file system. So you should be able to browse for a file using a form control and upload it on form submission but web pages are not intended (in Firefox) to be able to determine where the file was stored locally. In other words scripts not being able to access the path does not mean Firefox doesn't know how to upload the file.

Does this match your experience?

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