Firefox BUG or not?

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Hi Guys,

Hope somebody can clear this up for me. I am working on a new website and everything should work fine. However when i view my website in my Firefox (latest version) then i am not getting any pictures on it. In all my other browsers it works fine, just not in Firefox. Is this a fault in the coding, or is this a bug in FF? As all my other browsers are working fine i think my coding should be fine.

Example Image

Anybody now what is going on here? I am lost.

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Moving to Web Dev...
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Images appear in both my Firefox release version (still 33) and 35.0b1.
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Works for me also. Have you cleared your cache?
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Sorry for the late reply guys and thanks for looking. I have updated to the latest version, cleared cookies, cleared cache and all other things i can think of.
At least i now know it is probably my install of firefox. I will reinstall completely to see if that works.

** EDIT **
Removed FF, reboot computer, downloaded latest version, installed, NO GO...
I will start making some backups and reinstall my whole computer. I just checked at a friends computer and there it also works.
Must be my computer, i'll go to it then :cry:



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Are you trying with a clean profile?
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