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I have the following scenario in my project:

In the form the following field is there:
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Name : <input type="text" onchange="callSyncAjax(this)" /><input type="button" onclick="doSave()" value="Save"/>

In the java script :

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     function callSyncAjax(obj) {
        //some syncronized ajax function here return true;

  function doSave() {
   //form submit functionaly here

Now i enter some name in name field and with out clicking any where or without tabbing i clicked on save button but in Fire Fox the doSave() function is not called. But i clicked again then its called.

can any one help on this? why for first time the doSave() method not called?


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Post Posted December 17th, 2014, 12:45 pm

Without a minimal testcase I doubt anyone will be able to say anything sensible about it.
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I am seeing a similar issue. In my case, the onchange handler does some DOM manipulation (appends to a div) and this seems to confuse event handling. In firebug, when I click on the button I see a mousedown event on the button, then the change event then a mouseup event on the input. The mouseup event is on the input rather than the button even though the cursor hasn't moved. Since the mousedown and mouseup are not on the same element (the button), there is no change event on the button. If I don't manipulate the DOM, then it works as expected. So, you might check your events in a bit more detail to see if your case is similar.

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sync XHR + event handling is inconsistent in all the browsers in various ways.
And sync XHR is deprecated in the main thread.

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