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I downloaded Mozilla Firefox for speed because my Internet Explorer.

My question is why is my website different in Firefox to what I view in Internet Explorer?

The url of my site is

Thank you

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What version of IE are you comparing and what difference are the ones you really want to fix?

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In latest versions of both the obvious difference is the table layout below the image map: left and right columns start below the top of the table. A recent post suggested a strong likelihood that Mozilla is using a single pass table layout model. (In CSS table-layout: fixed;) To make it behave more like a two pass layout you have to supply more information initially:
Code: Select all
<TABLE width="97%" id="table1" border="0">
    <TD width="294" height="10" valign="top">
Defining a height of 10px on the first table data item of "table1" makes the Firefox layout extremely similar to that of IE.

The whole MSHTML code generation of the page is part of a visual editor, sure, but it's based on HTML3 and so far from current standards it's not worth mentioning in the same sentence. If you can't get a specified height to stick in the editor, try redrawing the table from scratch without deleting any table lines (draw the outer table first and move inwards, inserting content in a different order). Part of the problem seems to be table elements using "rowspan" attributes to cover editing changes.

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Thanks for quick reply.'Happy New Year' in Welsh 'Blwyddyn newydd Dda'

I'm using IE 11



<p align="center"><b>
<font face="Garamond" size="2">
<a href="abouttheclub.htm" style="text-decoration: none">
<font color="#003300">VIEW IN<br>
OF THE <br>
&nbsp;OF THE<br>
GOLF COURSE &amp; CLUB HOUSE</font></a></font></b></td>


<font face="Garamond">
<a href="membership.htm" style="text-decoration: none; font-weight:700">
<img border="0" src="ani13.gif" width="250" height="169"></a></font></td>

The Tables in both the above left and right hand columns are shown level with:

<table border="1" cellpadding="2" style="border-collapse: collapse" width="84%" bordercolor="#003300" id="table38">
<p align="center">
<a href="fixtures.htm" style="text-decoration: none; font-weight: 700">
<font color="#003300" face="Garamond">2014 FIXTURES
&amp; DAYS AVAILABLE FOR SOCIETIES</font></a></td>

These are tables within the cells. I'm going to try and take the tables out and enter the contents in the cells on both side to see how it works.

Thanks again.


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A quick look at the source code and my guess the reason it looks different in Firefox is there is no Doctype declaration, and no character encoding declared at the document level.

how to add a doctype to your document

Handling character encodings in HTML and CSS
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Hello WLS
Thank you for the reply.

I,ve had a look at 'how to add a doctype to your document' and copied and paste it on the page but there was no change to the page viewed on Firefox.

However I will carry on reading the instructions from your link and hope to learn how to do it. I have been doing websites for 17 years and started with MS Office Word 97 which was no doubt the forerunner of MS Frontpage 2003 which I now use.

I found it easy to use this WYSIWYG programme and therefore, unfortunately, did not study HTML. I doubt if now, at 82 yo, I will get to grips with it.

Thanks a lot for your trouble.You can see all my websites in


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Frontpage is regarded as one of the worst web site tools ever, nearly as bad as MS Word. :-"
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Hello and happy new year to all!

I actually saved this web page to disc for testing. Firefox inserted a DOCTYPE statement even though not present in the original source. Hence, I believe, its absence in source can be discounted as the source of the layout problem ( which was letting Firefox assign the height of an empty table cell with no height specified).

The updated version of this page on the web is no longer showing the problem being discussed. Without "rowspan" or empty cell paragraphs at the top of the 1st and 3rd columns, content is being rendered from the top of each column. Not sure if it's final, but nice to see progress cofibach - even if using Frontpage :-)

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Hi Dom1953

Thank you

Yes it is better now.I made a new page and held all the sub tables? in their own cells. I'm now involved in doing part of another website and it done with Webdesign. Eventually I will do my golf website with it so that I can share the task with other sections of the club. I'll have to swot up.

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