Google Search Rating Different between Mozilla and Chrome ?

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I am doing web development to increase my site rating in google Sometime I just confused why the search result become different between Mozilla and Google Chrome. Is there any one can tell me why ?thanks before for the information


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Google changes the way it ranks websites on a *daily* basis, partially to keep SEO techniques from unfairly gaming the ranking system. I'm also not surprised that they would list sites differently in different browsers. They might also rank sites differently if you are running an ad or tracker blocker, are logged into GMail/Google Account (which has it's own tracking service), or if you have a history of cookies in one browser. So for instance if your primary development happens in Chrome and you've visited that site in Chrome and have several cookies from it, it will probably show up a little higher in rankings than in a browser that you've never previously visited the site, or one where the cookies have expired. And if you've searched for that site in Chrome with GMail logged in, it might show up dramatically higher there than in other browsers while you are not logged into GMail.

History of major Search ranking changes:

Google accounts and ranking: ... kc8Svtw7CM
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Thnak for information. Now I press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL before i check the rating to clear the history in mozilla

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