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Hi there,

I use Mozilla firefox has my main browser. A few days ago I did a new website and for some reason each time I do new updates, add images, articles and so on... I can't see the alterations on my website. I tried other browsers and they all seem to work well. But with Mozilla, it doesn't.

Here's my website, [url=http:/]my website[/url]. Not sure if it helps. Anyway, what can I do?

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linda, your webpage, the one that you posted a link for, seems to be working fine for me, with FF 36..

did you try running FF in "safe mode", to see if an "addon" that you are using is causing a problem?

to run FF in "safe mode", one way to do that is to hold down the "shift" key while launching FF..

if you use a HOSTS file, that is another thing that can cause a problem, if it is blocking something that shouldn't be blocked..

i also have found that router-settings can cause problems.. my router had an option for blocking "java", but instead of blocking "java", it blocked "javascript", which caused a problem..

it is possible that your firewall is causing a problem, too..

another thing, maybe your ISP caches webpages, so you wouldn't see the updated webpage until it had been updated in your ISP's cache.. i suppose it also is possible that your browser's cache could have an old copy of the website rather than displaying the newly updated version of the webpage..

apparently my ISP doesn't cache webpages so i haven't run into a problem, there.. i also routinely empty my browser's cache..

p.s. i think this sentence, on your webpage, should be edited:

"I always found weird why do men like to watch porn?"

it could be edited to read:

"i have always found it to be wierd that men like to watch porn"..
find answers at "Mozilla Support":


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If Ctrl+r doesn't help, try Ctrl+Shift+r to bypass cached pages. Especially if the problem is with linked resources such as CSS and JS files.

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