Issue with Hindi translation using Google Translate

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I have added Google Translate on my organisation's website and it is working OK in Firefox with all languages except hindi, When you choose to translate to hindi the css breaks and the page is not rendered correctly. The website is built in Plone. Has anyone experienced the same issue, any advice would be really welcome.



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Moving to Web Development. Can you give us a link to the page?
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Hi, this is a link to the site


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I have no idea why that is happening. If I choose Arabic, there is a flash of that unstyled look and then the CSS kicks in again. I use basically the same widget code on my blog and there are no issues, but it's WordPress, not Plone.


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Post Posted March 20th, 2015, 1:20 am

Possibly competing default styles on some lower level?
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The problem is that Google Translate translates the title attribute of the custom.css stylesheet. For Hindi, it changes title="custom.css" into title="कस्टम सीएसएस". Apparently, this causes the browser to think that this stylesheet should not be loaded by default, but only if the user selects it explicitly from the View->Page Style menu.
(If the menu bar is not visible on your system, you can make it temporarily visible by typing Alt+V on many systems.)

It's not just Hindi that has problems by the way; the same thing happens with Dutch.

As for a solution, I'm not sure, but you could try removing the title attribute altogether.
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