Firefox 37 webrtc video decode problem

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Dear Mozilla Support

We are using WebRTC to transmit audio and video feeds from mobile devices to web pages. It worked perfectly well on Firefox 36 (h.264 & PCMU).

After upgrading to Firefox 37, we cannot decode videos, while audio feeds are not compromised. ](*,)

we are using H.264, without bundle in SDP. We understand that there is a modification about SDP and bundle support in Firefox 37.

Please advise us on how we can fix it. Here is the SDP for Firefox 36 and 37.

Firefox 36 SDP & RTP Stats

Firefox 37 SDP & RTP Stats


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Moving to Web Development.


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To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure there's anyone who hangs out here who's really a WebRTC pro. I looked around the usual places but the closest thing I could find to developer support is this: ... y_Location

Repository Location wrote:All the Platform WebRTC code and the Desktop Loop Client code is in mozilla-central. There are no other active repos. If you are trying to come up to speed on any of our code, please feel free to come to #media on #media is our "virtual hallway". You can hang out, ask questions, and get answers.
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Thank you, I will try go to, this is useful for me :D

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