Where does firefox parse through the HTTP-Response?

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Hello Everybody,


I am reworking the remote-browser plugin for a software called ettercap. I catch the HTTP Headers via Man in the Middle attack and extract the url. I have set a filter with an "Accept: ..." Statement so not everything will be opened. But some Ads and Images still manage to pass this filter and open themselves in my browser.

I have been looking through the C++-Code excessively and found that the nsHttpResponseHead.cpp, which, as far as I understood, is responsible for working with the response, expects an Array called mHeaders to have all the values of the HTTP-Response already sorted and categorized / classified.
The Array mHeaders is defined in nsHttpHeaderArray.cpp/.h

The Path to both source files are:



Now I would like to know where firefox decodes the HTTP-Request.
Can anybody tell me a specific .cpp file where this happens? Thats all I need.

Thanks in Advance


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