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Hi, I'm looking to write a Javascript function to bookmark a page in Firefox (v38.0.1).
I've searched around on the web and this forum and I've found the following one but actually the "addPanel" function has been deprecated a long time ago ( and in Scratchpad I get the exception "Exception: TypeError: window.sidebar.addPanel is not a function".
Moreover the bookmark created was opening (in old FF versions) in the sidebar and not in the full window.

Is there a way to make it work with another function or is this a no solution problem?

I wish many thanks to everybody will be so kind to help me out with this.



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To my knowledge there is no solution. Access to chrome (the UI) is strictly prohibited and only possible for addons not pages.
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Try this function:
function add_bookmrk(url,page_title) {
alert(' !!! ');
javascript:function add_bookmark(url,page_title){location.href=url}CreateBookmarkLink();void(0);
alert(' ??? ');
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