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okay heres the problem you see where the banners are supposted to be at the top and theres a small line under it now with Internet Explorer i DO NOT have this problem, however with FIREFOX i do have these problems and yes ive ran my scripts thru FireBug and everything works fine also some php scripts do not work like i had a shoutbox which didnt even show up? heres the link thank you :shock: :? :?
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I could not see a difference between page presentation in Internet Explorer and Firefox. (Try SHIFT+CTRL+R to reload the page from the server for a quick check to see if there is still a difference.)

Also note the HTML has errors. The start <body> tag is missing, and there are two <head> </head> sections, the second one with your banner in it. If the second section is supposed to be a <header> tag bear in mind this is invalid HTML4 - it was introduced in HTML5. Please check and correct to see if the problem encountered remains.

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okay so basically i had a php include in the template.php file to a file called banners.php and in that banners.php i had put my php for what i needed in that seperate file for some reason in IE it doesnt show a line under it but with mozilla it does so i put the php i had in the banners file and put it in the template file and now there is no line under but now when i create my pages i have to put the php with the code instead of having it as an include. and the reason theres no body tag is because i use .css


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The page is a bit of a hash, with multiple <head> and <body> sections. Hopefully you can get that all straightened out because it doesn't help with getting Firefox to display it as intended.

What do you mean by "a line under it" -- a border? a rule? a blank space?

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