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I'm pulling my hair out here and don't know where to go to figure it out.

When I go to certain pages on my site most of the $_SESSION information is lost (other browsers work fine). I have the latest version of firefox and the favicon is working fine (which caused a similar bug several years ago).

For example, on the main page there is a facebook login button. When it logs in it puts a token into $_SESSION['access_token'] and when refreshed it first looks for that access token and reuses it if it exists (otherwise it starts over and displays the login button again. When you login it works fine and I even have that access token (along with all the other information put into the array from the facebook account) displayed on that page so you can see that it is indeed stored in the $_SESSION.

But instead of refreshing the page (which has some query string on the url) you take the added query code and try to reload the page all the $_SESSION information that was just put in there was lost. (but oddly, other information put into the $_SESSION from other pages still exists).

This only happens in firefox. Is anyone familiar with this problem? I tried clearing the cache, my cookies are enabled. This is a very big problem!

You can try to recreate the issue at

Also after logging in you can go to which is a separate page (with the same session_start() script at the beginning) which simply prints the $_SESSION. You can see that it is missing all the information previously put into the session.


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Hmm, I loaded indextemp.php and then indextest.php, and the state matched. I clicked the login link and then used the Back button*, and the state in that page changed. Actually, every time I reload indextemp.php the state changes. Why does it change so much?

* I'm not interested in using Facebook to log into other sites.

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