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Hello all,

I've entered this forum because I'm looking for a solution for an issue I'm having when using chorme to open a "game" i've made in PHP.

In this game basically you have to press a key as fast as you can to increase a bar of energy. Each time you press the key a short sound (less than 1 sec) plays, but if the sound hasn't finished playing, firefox won't play it again so I need to make it play even if the previous sound is still playing, in other words, I need that for each time I press a key the sound gets played independently of the other sound.

Does anyone knows how to fix this?



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Do you have an example online showing how you play the sound? For example, send play() to an HTML5 audio element? If the element can't accept play() until it has stopped, and stopping it takes too long, you might need to use multiple audio elements and devise a way to select among them, for example, increment a counter or look at the time.

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