Last frame of css3d animation dissapears

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I'm doing a website which uses css3d to do animations with svg elements, the animations run nice, but at the last frame of the animation the window goes flikering and then some parts of the animated object disappear and some blocks of plain black does appear. Every single time the animation reaches the final frame It does the same: The window is flikering and some parts just disappear :( . When I switch to another tab in the browser and then go back to my site all of the animated objects are back to normal.

any advise will be much appreciated about if Its a rendering problem of I should have some considerations about Firefox and css3d animations.

I'm using Windows 7 ultimate. Firefox 40.0.2
Using Chrome or Opera the animation works without any issues.


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I can't see a difference between Firefox and Opera/Blink here on Debian Jessie. Do you have up-to-date display drivers?
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I can see a difference: at the end of the laptop opening, its screen goes white for a moment in SeaMonkey, but not in Chromium. Is that what you mean? I don't see black blocks though.
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