Error loading stylesheet (xslt from xml)

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My VERY basic blog site shows a simple javascript-driven slideshow in an iFrame; each 'slide' is an iFrame within a div (with a fade attribute) that loads an xml file that is a link to the relevant blog post: click the link to load the blog post (target="_top"). This works fine in Safari & Chrome, but in Firefox 51, I keep getting the error message "Error loading stylesheet: An unknown error has occurred ()" in the iFrame. This is shown in the Inspector for the page under #document with the tag <parsererror>.

I ran a search for similar problems and only came up with 2, and they were both more than 6 years old with no answers; can anybody help please? If you need code, let me know, but it is easily found on the site! Thanks very much in advance, Jon.


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Moving to Web Development.

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I made a local copy of this page:

The error went away after I changed the output method from "html/xml" to "html" in altblogStyle.xsl.

I'm not a programmer, so my answer might not be right.

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Hi Lnwdz. Thanks very much for taking the trouble to reply: I appreciate that. I might have saved myself some time if I'd checked your post earlier, but after checking out some sites on this issue, I came to the same conclusion myself, so it now seems to work in Firefox. Yay! The benefit for me is that I found the solution myself, but if I hadn't, your contribution would have solved it, so thanks again. I'm not a programmer either, by the way!


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