User-request pop-up window self.close fails after reload

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Post Posted September 4th, 2017, 8:04 pm

I have a web page/html code w/JavaScript local to my machine.
I have a button/link that opens a new window.
The new window is without most of the main window decoration (ie no menu bar nor URL bar).
The window is created with a '' something like, '004ul 1218-2' or '0038 12087-2'.
The window has a link to close the window, 'self.close'.
An 'onLoad/' test will issue an 'alert'.

When the window is newly opened, the 'alert' code does not activate meaning the '!=0' and the 'self.close' works.
If I reload the new window (func 5 or right click), the '' code activates and the 'self.close' fails.
I have to use the [ X ] in the title bar to close the new window.

If I '' using same code but leave the 'name' field empty, all of the new window code works; the alert that the '' and so does the 'self.close' works.
If I reload this new window, everything fails as before.

So something more significant than the '' is being stepped-on when the new window is reloaded.

The same code does not fail on SeaMonkey 2.48 nor on MS Edge (I'm staying away from MSIE)

In Safe Mode - same problem

Different Profile - same problem



Forgot to mention browser version, OS etc
55.0.3 (64-bit)
Win 10 Pro
Ver 10.0.14393

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