“Failed to open indexedDB” error in Firefox when trying to g

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I've build a simple system that allows a person to add a note for a webpage. This works flawlessly for Chrome (Version 72.0.3626.109) but when in Firefox (Version 65.0.1) it is giving me an error in the developer console.

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    error: true
    ​message: "unknown"
    ​name: "indexed_db_went_bad"
    ​reason: "Failed to open indexedDB, are you in private browsing mode?"
    ​stack: ""
    ​status: 500
    ​<prototype>: {…}

Debugging this in the Firefox dev console the error is thrown when attempting the `get` call in this javascript function:

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   function pouchDbGetNote() {
                .then(function (response) {
                }).catch(function (err) {

Please note that when the page is loaded, just prior to the `
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` function is called I load the DB via the following:

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  // Create/get database
        try {
            notesDb = new PouchDB(notesData.db_name);
        } catch (e) {

I've dug around in google and have found no real solution other than suggestions that its fixed with a Firefox upgrade and hints that this used to affect IE/Edge also.

The call above is held within a `
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jQuery(document).ready(function () {
` block.


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This will be better in our Web Development forum, so I am moving it there.
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Post Posted March 4th, 2019, 7:28 pm

What about the question posed in the first quoted section:

​reason: "Failed to open indexedDB, are you in private browsing mode?"

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