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Ok, I have created a portal for low cost Internet marketing, found here:
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The problem that I have faced is that when designing in FrontPage (*ducks and looks round furtively*) there are functions that work in FrontPage, and IE but not in Mozilla.

Is there anywhere I can find a list of functions and design styles that work for one or both IE and Mozilla. The ones that I know about are things like spacing for tables - when you set a table a have a set space between it and the cell next to it. IE runs it, but Mozilla doesn't.

Take a look at the site in IE and Mozzilla, particularly the inner page, as I redesigned he index page to fit when I realised what was happening.
<a href="" class="link">WebNet devon county</a>


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I don't think there's any master list out there. Your best bet is to watch the Error Console in Firefox and validating your HTML and CSS.


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Also, remember to validate your pages.


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It is peculiar the way the cellspacing disappears between some cells and not others. However, it may be that border-collapse:collapse overrides the cellspacing attribute, and those gaps in the left column of the Fx table are simply due to differences in the height of the cell content rather than by design.

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You shouldn't "design for Mozilla" (or any other specific browser or platform); you should design standards-compliant sites.
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