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Discuss how to use and promote Web standards with the Mozilla Gecko engine.
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Post Posted February 16th, 2003, 11:45 am

the "Mozilla general" forum has a lots posts regarding evangelism. So there should be a big demand for this Evangleism forum.

But i think this Evangelism forum is too far down the main forum Index. Not many people see this forum. Even if people see this forum, they might not think this is an important forum with enough traffic. People want their posts read and people want responses from other people. So that they are interested in posting. They feel like the further down the index, the less important it seems.

You , someone in Mozillazine, should place this forum just below the "Mozilla General" forum or close to it.

If you say this "Evengelism" form is for eveyone, including Phoenix and other distributions, then may be Mozillazine should not put this into the "Mozilla" forum group. In that case, open a new forum group "Evenglism", with one forum "Evangelism" in it, and place it at the very top.

At the end , this is what everyone wants, standards compliant web sites available for all users, all browsers, not only IE, not only Mozilla, but all. Also , two biggest groups of people, the mozilla clan and the phoenix clan can come together and reports evangelism issues.

Phoenix browser and Mozilla browser ,and other mozilla distributions, should render sites pretty much the same. Now, Mozilla people may not read Phoenix fourms, and vice verse. Having a common evangelism forum, we all can pull our efforts together reporting sites and trying to make these sites compliant.


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I will probably direct people to this forum when they post new threads about evangelism in other forums; but I have not seen any new ones since the creation of this forum.

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I think this forum is a good idea, but...
Discuss how to promote Mozilla a bit unclear for people that arent too much into the whole Mozilla project..
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Yikes! There's not even half a dozen threads in this forum yet, and already we have an Evangelism Forum Evalgelism thread: Discuss how to promote the Evangelism Forum.

Anyway, it is a worthwhile topic, and I do have to agree that Evangelism is not just about promoting Mozilla, but also about web standards with the ultimate goal being able to view all sites in all web browsers.

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