Can not display local images on Firefox

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Dear all!

I'm using Firefox, and I have a trouble with it!
- I create a html page name displayImg.html. This page has two controls:
+ A img src ="" tag to display image (1)
+ A input file='type' tag to select image to display in (2)
+ When user select an image file in (2), I will replace the src in (1) by this new image file path
- After creating, I deployed this page to server(Apache server), on another machine.
- If I used Internet Explorer browser to browse this page, I can select a local image(from my machine) and display it at (1) position
- But if I used FireFox, I can not display the local image.
- I've tried some ways (from Google), but I did not success.
- So my question is: whether FireFox can display local images(image with prefix is local driver like D:/Img/love_u.png)

Thanks for your answer!

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Post Posted March 5th, 2008, 1:19 am

Hi, no email replies on this board.

Check out this article: ... o_not_work

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