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I am embedding browser in my own c++ application using gecko sdk #28. To execute the javascipt from c++, I am using following code:
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       nsCOMPtr< nsIDocShell > docShell = do_GetInterface( mWebBrowser );
      if (docShell)
         nsIScriptGlobalObject *theGlobalObject ;
         theGlobalObject = docShell->GetScriptGlobalObject();
         nsIScriptContext *theScriptContext = theGlobalObject->GetContext(); 
         nsresult rv ;
         auto ctx = theScriptContext->GetNativeContext();
         JS::CompileOptions options(ctx);
         JS::Rooted<JSObject *> handle(ctx);

         options.setFileAndLine("", 1);
         rv = theScriptContext->EvaluateString(script,
            handle, options, false, nullptr);      

The program crashes while calling EvaluateString. I am unable to understand the reason. Please help.

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