Can not load jsm's function and objects.

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Hi all,

Following is a block issue i met, i'll give out the detail about it.

I want to port Gaia from B2G to mobile Firefox, so that the mobile Firefox can run as a webapp manager on device.
So I modify file of Gecko and added B2G enable, and compiled a mobile version Firefox with B2G enabled.
Then I run this mobile version Firefox on device, and it can be loaded to about:blank page, but can not load any other pages, so Gaia webapp can not run on this mobile Firefox either.
Then I checked the rootcause, and found when loaded browser.xul, browser.js file run stoped since of meeting "[JavaScript Error: "TypeError: SpatialNavigation is undefined".
SpatialNavigation come from SpatialNavigation.jsm file, then I modify SpatialNavigation.jsm file found.
modify "var SpatialNavigation={ ..." to "this.SpatialNavigation={...", that works well.
but there are much more this kind of values were defined, I can not modify from one by one, and I want to know is that is there's some difference between G2G gecko loading jsm and Firefox gecko loading jsm?

Is there anyboy know about it and give some suggestion?

Many thanks.


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Moving to Mozilla Dev...
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I tried it acoording page: ... ils.import
added "this", modify from
Components.utils.import("resource://gre/modules/SpatialNavigation.jsm", this);
but still can not fix it.

Anyone can give some suggestions?
Many thanks.

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