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I'm trying to build and use spidermonkey (Mozilla js-engine), but I've faced some problems and I have no idea how to solve them.

I have this conf now:
- win 8 64x
- MS Visual Studio for Desktop 2013 express
- mozila-build (including autoconf-2.13 etc.)
- the latest firefox sources (including ./js/src which I work with)

I've successfully built SM following: ... umentation (I've got working js.exe in ./js/src/build-release/dist/bin, and mozjs-37a1.dll in the same folder), but I cannot make this examples work ( ... ipt_engine) ;

I've tried to build js-1.8.5 but I failed on this configuration, there was a msg about wrong MSVC-compiler version (of course I can get the exactly msg);

Actually I'll be glad to have a SM supporting at least ECMAScript-5. Is it js 1.8.5?
Can I build it on this conf?
I can change Win version, Visual Studio version. I even might cross compil this dll from linux, if it's possible.

So I'd be happy to have an instruction how can I build and use the spidermonkey.
Also I'm interested in trusted built binaries of this dll, which is not too much old.

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Well, only newer edition ( mozilla 30/31+ ) can support VC2013.

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