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Post Posted July 28th, 2017, 1:28 pm

So I read that due to a number of factors such as the massive backlash caused by Australis and the subsequent drop in market share it caused among others Mozilla are yet again redesigning the interface.

So my question is has Mozilla finally learned it lesson and are they going to stop behaving like Microsoft (aka trying to dictate to users and removing control from the users.)

Can we finally all agree that you had the interface right the first time and simply go back to using the classic interface or at the very least return control over the interface back to the user and add the options in the interface configuration panel that would allow users like me that like the way the browser looked and work in older versions to reconfigure the interface and make it look and function in the classic manor without having to install a whole bunch of add-ons just to undo your unwelcome changes.

In addition can we also get the classic status bar restored so that I can finally get rid of Status-4-Evar and then simply add a switch in the interface configuration panel to allow users to switch between the classic status bar and the current one.

Can also we get the interface configuration panel put back the way it was before because the current one doesn't actual let you customise anything as everything seems to be locked in place and is not customisable which therefore makes it's completely useless.

Can we also get the Classic download window restored because I don’t know about anyone else but I really don’t like the way you have it at the moment

Also in the vane of returning control to the user can we make features like Sync removable so if users don’t need or want them they have the ability to get rid of them there by preventing Firefox from becoming the same hideously bloated mess as Netscape.

One other thing while I'm on the subject of returning control to users can we also get removed interface elements like the check boxes that allow power users to control what JavaScript can do put back into the UI under an advance settings menu because those controls are extremely helpful for disabling scripts that otherwise interfere with my control of the browser by doing irritating things like hiding my navigation buttons or disabling the context menus because having to go into about:config to change these settings is extremely inconvenient and it would be much better to do this via the UI.

While I understand why these controls where removed from the UI it is extremely annoying having to go into about:config continually every time I need to turn off JavaScript because of things like Anti Adblock scripts, or because scripts are simply doing annoying things like blocking the page from loading because they are badly written and are taking forever to load, or are causing popups to appear when you mouse over a specific part of the page (intellitxt ads or similar) or causing popups to appear when you click on a given element like for example a button or a download link.

One final thing


This sort of arrogant behaviour is exactly what's is driving your users away and its absolutely the reason I no longer use Firefox and have switch over to using Palemoon instead because you are not lessening to your users and you are not listening to add-on developers.

If you continue down this path then Firefox will end up going the way of the dinosaurs as it is the number of users using Firefox has dropped sharply and is now down to around 5% to 6% world wide do you really want to loose the rest of your users because that is precisely what is going to happen if you don’t start to take users and developers complains seriously and act on those complaints in a swift and positive manor.

now I'm sure this will very likely fall on deaf ears but if nothing else at least i tried.


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Post Posted July 28th, 2017, 3:19 pm

do you really want to loose the rest of your users

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