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I currently have a very old outlook.pst and a current pst. My old pst was used during the pop3 period and now I am using IMAP which is easy. Unfortunately I am unaware of any way to either merge those two files into one for use with thunderbird, or have 2 accounts with the same email address with no connectivity for one of them. I am sure that may be difficult to understand, but I know of no better way to put it.
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Thunderbird can import messages from a .pst file if Outlook is still installed but it doesn't have native support for .pst files. It defaults to using the mbox format, with optional support for a light version of maildir.

The easiest way to import messages from a .pst file is create a IMAP account in Outlook that also exists in Thunderbird, configure Outlook to use that .pst file, and then move the messages to the IMAP account. You can move messages to/from remote folders in a IMAP account as if they were local folders. If you don't have Outlook installed either re-install it or install a trial version.

I don't know whether you can use the Outlook desktop app (a stripped down free version of Outlook) that comes bundled with Windows 10 instead. It looks like you can use "File -> Open & Export -> Open Outlook Data file" to import a .pst file. If that works, please let me know and I will update to mention it. I'd try it, but I don't have an existing .pst file and the export as a .pst file feature seems to be disabled in that desktop app unless you have a Office license key.

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Thank you for the assistance. I will give this a try. I do have an office key. Will let you know of my success. (I hope)

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