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I want to use one .ics file for a ubuntu and xp computer.

I am having the same issue and I wish I could figure it out. I have a ubuntu and xp computer and I have the xp computer using a ics file in my shared folder ubuntu can see it but when you make a new calander in ubuntu and it asked for location it won't accept the smb location Example: smb://your-ez0qowiaeo/shared-folder/example.ics I have tried file://smb://your-ez0qowiaeo/shared-folder/example.ics and file:////smb://your-ez0qowiaeo/shared-folder/example.ics nothing I tried worked.

The question is how do I get Thunderbird lightning calender to accept this location correctly
smb://your-ez0qowiaeo/shared-folder/example.ics when it want a file://// location.

Note: I found a work around for this but would like to get it to work with the location above.

To get ubuntu and windows to use the same .ics file in a network this is what I did is set up the windows first make sure that your sharing files correctly from ubuntu and windows and there is no permission errors.

Make a new calender in windows well call it calender-1 or if you have a calender already export it as a .ics file and save it to the shared folder on windows mine is shared-ubuntu. once you have your .ics file in your windows shared directory the on shared with ubuntu you need to set the path in thunder bird lightning make a new calender in windows this is the one that will be connected to the just made in the shared folder. when it asks make it a network and put in this location file:///c:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Documents/shared-ubuntu/example.ics.
Now you need to test to make sure it works on windows make a new event for a test and make sure it writes with no errors.

Now to set up the ubuntu pc in your /home/username/ make a folder called Calander you will need to copy and paste the .ics file from your shared folder on your windows that you can access on ubuntu. copy and past the .ics file from your shared folder to /home/username/calender/ now create a new calender on the ubuntu pc as network and use the location of the .ics file you just copied to /home/username/calender
example: file:////home/username/calender/example.ics and finish it should show the same stuff as on windows.

Now this is how you keep them up to date when you edit stuff on the ubuntu you need to copy the folder form /home/username/calender/example.ics to your shared folder and replace the file there so when you go to the windows pc it will use the replaced one and when changes are made on the windows pc you need to copy the example.ics file from the shared folder to the /home/username/caleder/ folder and replace it so you can see the changes from the windows pc. This is the only way I found to do it when networking a ubuntu & windows pc because thunder bird won't use the smb://your-ez0qowiaeo/shared-ubuntu/ location correctly.

So what I do is I have it networked with my business partner which is windows and every time I open lightning I replace the .ics file with the updated on in the shared folder we share and update my calender and i have all the updated and for him to see mine i have to replace the file in shared folders every time I make a change so he can see it also for ubuntu user to check new updated make sure you copy and replace the file a few time a day to keep up to date.

That all hope this help some one and if you now a better way let me know please I would like not to have to copy and paste.


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