Thunderbird IMAP with exchange 5.5 and exchange 5.5 LDAP

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Anyone have any luck authenticating to exchange (internally only) and getting tb to use the exch ldap directory.
I can see the public folders but i cannot logon to my mailbox. (basic text auth in exch)

tb extension ideas
filters to convert contacts in an exchange imap folder to tb address format (for calendar too when it becomes available in tb..



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I had no problem authenticated with Exchange and getting mail for all my IMAP folders but I got relaying errors when sending email. I had to change a setting in Exchange to fix that... No luck with getting LDAP directory to work. That would be killer. I'm using TB 2003-07-16 nightly and we run a newer version of Exchange, Exchange 2000 i think.


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must be a mircosoft thing. i am using ladp addressbook with netscape directory server and openldap and every thing works correctly.
perhaps someone shoud have a look at it. as far as i know ad ist not RFC compatible, but they claim to be. we tried some ldap lookups ad the ad ldap port but there was some strnge behavior.


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I use T-Bird with Exchange 5.5 and I get my mailboxes and LDAP works.... Is there anonymous access to your LDAP server, or does it require authentication? Mine works anonymously, never tried with authentication. If you're having trouble logging in you could try logging in as domain\username instead of just username. For LDAP, you might have to put something as the Base DN.

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I was able to get a LDAP connection to the Global Address list to work with Exchange 2000 as well (with TB 0.1). With Exchange 2000 in an Active Directory environment, the AD controllers are your LDAP servers, though. Also, from what I've read, unless your Exchange 2K server is on one of your ADC's, you use port 3268 to access the list (I could have been misinterpretting what I read, though).

My configurations:

Name: <whatever>
Host Name:
Base DN: dc=company,dc=com
Port number: 3268
Bind DN: company\username

The Bind DN seemed counter-intuitive (I would have thought it should be cn=username,cn=Users,dc=company,dc=com maybe), but I don't know much about LDAP or its configuration with TB.

Anyway, once I had these settings, and tried to search, it prompted for my password and I was able to retrieve information from the global address list from within TB (also using IMAP to connect to my mail).


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What is IMAP???

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reaper360 wrote:What is IMAP???

How lazy are you, anyway?

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