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Post Posted November 23rd, 2010, 10:45 pm

I apologize for a question that has probably been answered before. I just don't know the proper search terms.

I have Thunderbird 3.1 on Ubuntu 10.04 connecting to my gmail account via imap. Basically, it's my account's name and two subfolders: Inbox and [gmail].

I want to take a bunch of those sub-folders from the [gmail] folder and bring them back up with the inbox and possibly ditch the gmail folder completely. Any ideas how to do this?


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Set the imap server directory to [Gmail] in tools -> account settings -> Gmail -> server settings -> advanced. That should re-organize how folders are displayed for that account and get rid of the Gmail folder. My gmail account has child folders in the inbox that I created using Thunderbird plus folders created due to "gmail labels" showing up as folders at the same level as the inbox. If your child folders of gmail are due to "gmail labels" they should show up as peers of the inbox.

If that doesn't work please post a screen shot of both the advanced imap settings and the folder listing for that account. ... _the_forum

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That did it! Thanks!

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