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Hi, I thought it could be useful on the Disappearing mail wiki page to add an extra tip:

Enable "View -> Threads -> Ignored Threads" to check for emails which may have been ignored (e.g. by knocking the 'K' key)

E.g. or if a baby sitting on one's lap does so. ;-) Man that took a long time to figure out!! I could move the email from All Mail elsewhere, but when putting it back into the Inbox it just seem to vanish.

1. I was under the impression that I could create an account and add this tip to the wiki myself? If so, I couldn't figure out how.
2. Aside: I never did like single-letter accelerators, e.g. many list views in Windows allow you to search for an item by typing; a recipe for bloopers there.



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I've moved this to the Site Discussion forum and add a link in the Knowledge Base thread to this topic so people that work on the KB are more active.

For future reference, you can post these kinds of requests here: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2825891

In that thread, there are also instructions for how to get edit rights in the KB. Generally, we prefer members stick around and obtain a decent post history prior to granting edit rights. We've had some problems with spammers in the past.

Welcome to the forums!
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Thanks for the category correction and the welcome!

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